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A Global leader

We work on behalf of you, to advance the management strategies around the globe   

The Managers Institute (TMI) is the world’s leading education and consulting company,for those who are involved in management / administration of prime areas such as Finance, banking, accounts, marketing and branding, strategic development, auditing, retail and logistics etc.

Through global influence, education, research and advisory services we help individuals and companies to sharpen their management standards expertize.

We work to improve organizational excellence by improving the competence of individuals working into the management profession.

As a part of TMI Family, creates journals, management articles, implementation checklists to provide better management tools & resources to accelerate excellence.

We are a leading not-for-profit professional education and membership organization for management professionals employed in various sectors.

Our Professional research and advisory guidance deliver value to over million professionals working in nearly every country around the globe to enhance their careers and to improve their organizational performance.

Our worldwide advisory services for management is reinforced by globally recognized standard education, intensive academic qualifications, professional membership communities etc.


We Offer 150+ Qualifications recognized by national government and other international organizations for imparting gold standard within the management community. Over the years the Qualification offered by TMI is being recognized by many of the employers as “reputed” in the market.


Our Standards for the management are the most widely recognized ones in the profession, and are a model for management in business. They are developed by thousands of volunteers with experience in every type of business, and provides a common language for management professionals around the world.


Our members are experts, and leading management professionals shaping the management profession with strategic moves with diplomacy within their Organization. TMI Offers membership services for students, professionals, and experts in various management disciplines. TMI membership provides extraordinary benefits to individuals by keeping them up-to-date with various resources, and by shaping them for the future.

Academic Research

Our research programs are most extensive in the field, and advances the strategies, and practice in the management profession. We expand the management body of skill, knowledge, standards by research projects, surveys., and we share the information through publications, events, and articles.