The Managers Institute academics are governed by its independent, self developed “Academic management program” audited & certified under ISO 9001:2015, ISO 29993:2017 international Standards. 

Our Institution established a wide range of academic departments to deliver the “Government approved, Internationally recognized qualifications” to professionals.


Academic Departments:

The Academic departments within “The Managers Institution” are established to meet the expectations of growing international industrial, corporate needs & demands.  We promise that our Certifications will provide value to our students in establishing their Successful Career.

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Functions of Academic Department: 

The Managers Institute “Academic council” developed to administrate the overall “Qualifications Excellence program” in which each department Staff’s will participate as a default member. 

The Academic Council will work on obtaining new accreditation, recognition, corporate placement partnerships, strategic agreements with international organizations etc on an Ongoing basis.  Not to emphasize that the movements will benefit our students’ careers by promoting extensive value to our Qualifications.

Why Companies prefers us:

Our people are motivated to find the gaps & resolve them with strategic ideas in a professional way and that makes them capable to work in any Organization.The managers institute combines the effort of our “Professors, Students, Alumni members, institutional independent volunteers” to bring innovative solutions to the problems faced by the giant companies.