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  • The Managers institute is a world class institution located in india, offering various business management programs that facilitate the professionals to effectively support their companies in a dynamic way. 
  • The Managers institute “Accreditations Council” is working 24/7 in order to improve its business value, training portfolio, thus benefiting our students / Alumni members by improving the value of Qualifications. 
  • We assure all our students that the qualifications offered by “The Managers institute” will have outstanding value for achieving their employment opportunities / starting their own enterprise with the knowledge learned during the academic.




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Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium enterprises, is established by the Government of India in order to promote the industrialization and employment opportunities throughout the country. As per which MSME has emerged as a vibrant & dynamic sector of indian economy in the last 5 Decades. 

The Managers institute is an Registered Organization under the Schemes of MSME to deliver vocational & international qualifications.   

ISO 9001: 2015 Accredited

International Standardization for Organization (ISO) is an Independant, Non governmental international organization established to promote common standards around the globe.  ISO Established its “ISO 9001-2015” Quality Management systems requirements in order to ensure that the organization can deliver its services consistently as per the statutory & regulatory requirements, and it aimed to promote the customer satisfaction through effective application of quality Management system. 

The Managers Institute is proud to be a “Certified Business Management Institution” under ISO 9001: 2015 Standards, which demonstrates our market value & our commitment to serve better education to humanity.

ISO 29993:2017 Accredited

International Standardization for Organization (ISO) has developed a new international standard especially for the Institutions delivering corporate in-house / In-company or Vocational training programs. 

Being a 29993:2017 certified “Business Management & project management” Institution in India demonstrates our Qualifications value by providing a proof of independent conformance on our “Qualifications structure, deliverability & method of evaluations etc.

The managers institute assures that this accreditation will provide value to all our students, corporate clients in career progress.