Health and Safety Courses

Health and Safety Courses :

Taking the Government Approved health and safety diploma qualifications is the first stage to begin your career in the health and safety field. Our health and safety diploma courses are developed and audited by the governmental agency known to be “Bharat Sevak Samaj” established under the planning commission of India. So we are sure you will have amazing value by studying our health and safety qualifications.

Health and safety courses will provide you with the Opportunity to begin your career as either HSE Officer or HSE Engineer depending upon your current qualification & company criteria.

Upon completing the right certifications you can also become “Certified Safety Professional” or “Certified Industrial Hygienist” as well.

Benefits of Health and Safety Courses:

There are several reasons for the increased demand of health and safety professionals among the industries, some of them would be increasing technology, small business startups, Globalization, frequent updates on the health & safety regulations and more.

The Complex industrial / construction projects present wide risk to employees and laborers like fall from height, vehicle collision, exposure to higher amounts of vibration, Noise etc. These risk factors impact the employees physical and mental health, also increasing the economical impact to the company by significant compensation claims.

Health and Safety engineers / Health and safety courses specialists are responsible to assist the company project management in the identification of accident potential risks and controlling them.

It’s common for the company to prefer qualified health and safety engineers to manage their business risks. By enrolling yourself with “The Managers Institute” Health and safety diploma qualifications you will achieve a government approved health and safety diploma certificate that can significantly Improve Your Career.

Popular Health and Safety Courses

  • Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Mgnt.
  • Diploma in Health, Safety & Environmental Management
  • Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety , Environmental risk management.
  • Advanced Diploma in Certified Health Safety & Environment.

The above said courses are not limited, please do check with our health and safety academic counselor about the recent international health and safety courses launched within TMI.

Study Options for Health and Safety Courses

Health and safety diploma, advanced health and safety diploma qualifications can be studied in either regular / part time.

If you have any prior experience or ability to study on your own, you can also avail the opportunity for distance education / e-learning with agreeable conditions.

Health and Safety Certification Highlights:

Many companies are considering this health and safety diploma qualification as a kick start in the safety field. Upon mutual understanding with employer & by expressing your technical competence you can even obtain the grade upto “Health and Safety Manager”

The health and safety course certificates issued by TMI are verified and delivered by the “Bharat Sevak Samaj” established under the Planning Commision of India.

You can attest the certificates with “Ministry of External Affairs” India & You can enroll yourself with “Employment Exchange” for government Jobs.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our academic advisors.

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