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Industrial Safety Courses

Management of hazardous industrial processes is really critical, It requires the input of multiple specialists to avoid the disasters. This century has given clear cut ideas to the business owners and executives that industrial safety courses is a prime accident. There are many companies that lost their entire business by the single disasters caused by poor implementation of safety practices.

Our Industrial safety courses are developed based on the national standards by the leading Governmental Organization known to be “Bharat Sevak Samaj”, which is promoted to improve the national wide skill among the population.

The Managers Institute “Industrial Safety Qualifications” are structured and taught to provide you hands-on experience about current industrial practices.

Benefits of Learning “Industrial Safety Courses"

Growing technology, Complex process systems places life threatening risks to employees, Not only in terms of safety but also in terms of impacting their mental and physical health as well. The Governments are more stringent by introducing new regulations and the Non governmental organizations are empowered to question the safety concerns compared to ever before.

These above mentioned changes, Increasing the “Industrial Safety Job Opportunities” and creating the Unique Opportunities for the safety specialists.

The studies conducted by Popular Organizations like Pay scale, Glass door, Salary explorer and more claims that the “Income of Safety Specialists” increased significantly over the year.

Why the Managers Institute?

The Answer is Simple, You need a Certificate that is acceptable worldwide and approved by the National government. The Managers Institute fulfils that requirement.

Other than this over communications are straightforward and you will have no issues in completing the course with us in a short span.

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Popular industrial Safety Courses:

  • Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • Diploma in Industrial Environmental Safety
  • Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • Advanced Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management
  • Diploma in Fire Industrial Safety
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering
  • Diploma in Industrial Environmental Safety
  • Advanced Diploma in Offshore, Rig, Oil & Gas Safety Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas Safety Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Occupational, Safety, health and environmental management
  • Post Diploma in Transport of Hazardous & Dangerous Goods by Road

Admission Details

The Admission for the Industrial Safety Diploma courses & Advanced Industrial Safety diploma courses are open throughout the year. You can enroll in the industrial safety programs to access the study materials and tutoring support.

The Examinations for the Industrial safety courses are planned and managed by the managers institute, parallelly administered by the “Directorate of Examinations – New Delhi”.

Study Options for “Industrial Safety courses”:

To Provide the benefit of education to a wide range of students, we offer the industrial safety diploma and industrial safety advanced level programs in distance education as well as in part time.

Upon request and booking you shall also attend the regular industrial safety program based on current batch availability. BSS Diploma

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